svn causing me heartburn

by DeanLogic


So, the Plugin Directory finally pushed the 1.1.0 version of my Mixed Tape plugin to the repository to download. After I upgraded the plugin through the admin Dashboard, I noticed that the players were not showing in the test page. Well, apparently the svn check in blew up when I tried to add the 1.1.0 version and never put the audio files up to the site. I copied the audio directory from the trunk, which is apparently a no no. So, from now on I will have to remember to copy it from my working directory, which happens to be my local directory of my site.

I know some people have demo sites of their blogs. I really never thought I would have to worry about that, until now. I really don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a duplicate blog just for testing, but it might come to that. My blog doesn’t get much traffic, but who knows, with the plugins and the Meetup Organizer Tool, it might just start.

Anyway, I’ve released 1.1.1 of the Mixed Tape and I see that the audio directory is under that version. I guess this will also be a good test to see how the tags/revisions work. Since the audio folder wasn’t in 1.1.0, then there will be a definite change between the two version. Of course, I will have to wait until it gets pushed through the repository, however long that will take.

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