Update to Egg Timer

On one of my projects at work I ended up using two Egg Timers but in different states. Since it would be easier to know if the correct Egg Timer was in the correct state, I added a couple of new parameters to the Egg Timer.

	<fx:uint id="backgroundColor">0xFFFFFF</fx:uint>
	<fx:uint id="faceColor">0xFF0000</fx:uint>
	<fx:uint id="bezelColor">0xcccccc</fx:uint>

Then I replaced the static colors with these defined variables to make it work.

timerBackground = new Sprite();
timerBackground.graphics.lineStyle(3, bezelColor);
timerBackground.filters = [bevelfilter, glowFilter];
backGroundCircle = new Sprite();
backGroundCircle.filters = [dropShadow];

After those simple changes, the Egg Timer parameters can easily be added when placing the component.

<components:EggTimer id="eggTimer5" backgroundColor="0xCCFFFF" bezelColor="0x6600FF" />

Fairly simple. Since the color parameters are already set as uint, there is no for any further conversion to make the color. I also added a style sheet to the example to help with the color coding for the site.

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