Continuos Vibrate and Music Alert until Confirmation : update

I had recently thought I solved my issue with creating a continuous vibrate and music alert for the BlackBerry application that I created for work. Unfortunately, when I put the fix on to the phone, the volume level of the music was very low, even though I had the volume set to 100%. So, it was back to the drawing board to try and figure out how to get this working. The main issue was determining if the music had finished and then starting it again until the user pressed a key. After messing around with NotificationsEngineListener, Event and the Continue reading Continuos Vibrate and Music Alert until Confirmation : update

DataGrid Row Move

Another question on the Flex Forum about how to move a selected row on the DataGrid up or down, based on a button click.  The answer is straight forward, but with a catch. When you click on the DataGrid, it will give you an index for the row you have clicked.  The first row in the DataGrid is 0.  If you wanted to simply move a row up and down the DataGrid, then you simply add or subtract 1 from the selected index. Simple enough.  Unless you sort the DataGrid, which throws that out of wack and is pointless.  So, Continue reading DataGrid Row Move

BB10 AIR Getting Started Completely

I have been meaning to get started on some BlackBerry 10 development, so I loaded the SDK for AIR and Flash Builder 4.6. With Flash Builder 4.6, you are supposedly able to create an iOS, Android or BlackBerry (tablet and BB10) application all at the same time. However, when you build for the least common denominator, you lose functionality for a specific platform. Because of this (and that I really don’t need to develop for iOS or Android at the moment) I started an application only for the BlackBerry. While attempting to install VMWare for the virtual machine that allows Continue reading BB10 AIR Getting Started Completely

Column Chart with Item Renderer – updated

Okay, it didn’t take me long to get back and do some more fiddling with the Column Chart Item Renderer. I went ahead and changed the static ArrayCollection to a dynamic one, because I was trying to figure out something with Themes and needed a button and the button should do something. The ArrayCollection is fairly simple for this chart, so all I did was create a couple of random values from 0 to 100 and made the “date” value the counter time 10. I set it up so that you can press a button and create new data, which Continue reading Column Chart with Item Renderer – updated

Column Chart with Item Renderer

When doing the Column Chart with fillFunction for a question in the Flex Forum, the poster said that he was trying to do something a little different. Instead of a simple fill, he wanted the fill to be semi-transparent with a solid border. When I looked at the iFill function, it didn’t have a stroke option and it doesn’t seem that the standard column item deals with the column border. My guess was, that an item renderer should be used for the column instead. Within the item render, you can create a rectangle graphic and then adjust the border and Continue reading Column Chart with Item Renderer

Column Chart with Fill Function

When you have a column chart, sometimes you want to change the column colors based on the data. A question in the Flex Forum asked how to alter the column color on each column. To do this, yo need to use the fillFunction on a ColumnSeries to set the color of the fill. One issue with doing this, is how it affects the chart legend. If you use the fills property or the fillFunction to define the fills of chart items, and you want a legend, you must manually create the Legend object for that chart. But, this just gives Continue reading Column Chart with Fill Function