About DeanLogic Passport

Dean has been playing around with programming ever since his family got an IBM PC back in the early 80's. Things have changed since BASICA and Dean has dabbled in HTML, JavaScript, Action Script, Flex, Flash, PHP, C#, C++, J2ME and SQL. On this site Dean likes to share his adventures in coding. And since programming isn't enough of a time killer, Dean has also picked up the hobby of short film creation. This is my Passport account (formerly my Z30 account) . Any posts made by this account were created Working Wide with my BlackBerry Passport device.

Built for BlackBerry

Just because you build an app to run on a BlackBerry device, doesn’t mean that it is Built for BlackBerry. There are guidelines for what is considered Built for BlackBerry. And after you think you have done your best to meet those guidelines, you have to submit your app to be scrutinized by someone from BlackBerry to determine if you did meet those guidelines. On top of that, you only get a limited number of tries to get the app passed. Built for BlackBerry. The signature BlackBerry 10 experience. Built to keep you moving, apps and games with the Built Continue reading Built for BlackBerry

Meetup for BlackBerry 1.2.2

Meetup for BlackBerry 10 by DeanLogic version 1.2.2 is now available for download. The first thing you should notice is that the install size is now only 1.5 MB. Sorry for making it so huge before, I didn’t realize the splash screen images were the culprit. The other obvious change is the app icon. Due to a request from Meetup, I modified the logo to meet their requirements. I added shortcut keys for the Q and Passport, but found out that the ‘Alt’ key won’t work for those shortcuts. I will do a different shortcut and send out an update. Continue reading Meetup for BlackBerry 1.2.2

The DeanLogic Smart Watch

Lately there has been an uptick in wearable devices. Most likely due to the introduction of the Pebble and the latest rumors and announcements of smart watches from Samsung, Apple and Google, among the big hitters. With everyone coming out with what they seem to think a smart watch should be, I figured I should share my thoughts, just in case someone decides to build one. The first thing is to focus in just the watch. Another wearable device that has been popular is the smart band. Nike Fuel Band, Fitbit, Jawbone and others are battling it out in this Continue reading The DeanLogic Smart Watch

CubiX Review

As a member of an app developer group, you have the opportunity to hear of an app that you might not find looking in an app store. I usually try to help test the apps from the Baby Steps: BB Dev group before they get to the app world, but I didn’t have the time during this app’s development. Now that it is launched, I took the time to download it and give it a look. CubiX is a side scrolling time touch game. In other words, a game that requires the user to touch the screen at the right Continue reading CubiX Review

Fly FLy Up Testing and Review

As part of being a developer you end up spending some time in developer forums. Usually those forums are part of the official site for the development tool or application. But, sometimes you end up in a fan forum that happens to have a developer forum of its own, like the one on CrackBerry.com. And sometimes when you want to find an active group of new developers, you end up in a BBM Group for new developers called Baby Steps: BB Dev. Well, that’s where I found myself when a user named Tom asked for some help. Tom was dipping Continue reading Fly FLy Up Testing and Review

Painter Help And Review

A little while ago, a guy named Joe gave me some help creating a Chat Style ListView.  While I was working on my app, he was working on his app called Painter. Joe is still making updates to the app, but it is a great app already. You are given the option of brush size, opacity and color. There are also eraser options for when you want to clear something.  For basic doodles, this would be fine. But, you can also load an image to make your doodles on top of. Of course, with the opacity option, it makes it Continue reading Painter Help And Review