About JoeQXS

I've been developing apps since January of 2014. Before that I did a lot of web development. So far I have only published one app, Painter. Shortly after It appeared in BlackBerry World I joined a developer support group on BlackBerry Messenger. In this group I was able to learn a lot of new things and help out other devs at the same time. Overall developing for BlackBerry has been a great experience.

Painter – My First App

Painter was my first project that got me into application development and is currently available in Blackberry World for all BB10 devices (as of the latest release). The application lets users load a picture onto a canvas and then draw on it with any color they wish (basically it’s like MSPaint). Conceptually, Painter is very simple – You load a picture and layered on top of that picture is a webpage with a transparent background. However, I did face several challenges and I wouldn’t have even released the application if it wasn’t for the support I received from another developer. Continue reading Painter – My First App