Patiently waiting

Arrghhh!! So, I got approval and the “go ahead” e-mail for my Mixed Tape plugin. I did the checkout using TortoiseSVN and it created the folders for the plugin. But, after adding files to the trunk, creating a tag folder and committing the files back up to svn, nothing. The files are up on svn, but the download page has yet to update. The page still shows my login as the author and doesn’t have any of the other information that my WP People plugin download page has. Very frustrating. I know I’m not the only one who has gotten Continue reading Patiently waiting

My new Mixed Tape plugin

I am about to release a new plugin for WordPress. I am calling it WordPress Mixed Tape (WP Mixed Tape). If you have no idea what a mixed tape (mix tape) is, well, take a little trip back in time with me. Back in the day (let’s say the 1980’s), [W:cassette tapes] where the way taking your music with you. The [W:8-track tape] had gone the way of the [W:Dodo] and record [W:albums] were not portable. If those terms seem foreign to you, I included Wikipedia links to help you understand a little better. The great thing about tapes were Continue reading My new Mixed Tape plugin

WordPress plugins and svn annoyances!

Small things in programming have been annoying me the last couple of days. WordPress has started using svn (Subversion) as a method of version control for plugins. What this does, is allow the developer to upload version of the plugin to a database and then the plugin will automatically be updated on the download page. Also, it will alert anyone who has the plugin that there is an update to the plugin. From there, the user of the plugin can easily install/update it through the Admin panel. It’s actually very useful. Well, I just recently updated my WP-People plugin to Continue reading WordPress plugins and svn annoyances!