Custom Category Icons

I mentioned in my new template post that I might add back the Category images to the posts. Well, I thought I would give it a try, but the first step was to see if something existed in the WordPress Plugin world.  There were a few options, but they either only posted the images on the Category template page or only did one image per post.  And all methods required modifying the template files. So, no go on that, time to re-add my original hack. I had previously created a way to pull up the Category description and image in Continue reading Custom Category Icons

Updates to the site

Well, it has been some time since I’ve made any updates to the site.  I initially used a theme that gave a portfolio look to the site.  Unfortunately it was a little hokey, so I wanted to update it.  In the last year I also picked up a new hobby and a wife, in that order.  The wife-to-be had an interest in screen writing, so I decided that I would take over a Meetup group that would help me help her get a screen play published.  Since I took over The RTP “Let’s Make a Movie” Meetup Group, I have Continue reading Updates to the site