Spark LineGrid Component

Since I had a day off, I decided to work on converting my old Flex Examples to the new Flex 4.  As stated in a previous post, the new Flex 4 breaks Degrafa and Degrafa seems to be defunct now.  Most of the drawing functions are handled with spark and sprite functions, but little things like arcs and line repeaters are not.  So where before it was easy enough to create a repeating line in Degrafa, now I have to do a loop to create the lines needed.  Well, in this case, instead of drawing lines, I’m drawing rectangles.  While Continue reading Spark LineGrid Component

Autoscroll Textarea

One of the ways I like to debug my Flex applications is putting a TextArea item that is visible when needed to display certain items that usually would be display in a trace.  The benefit of this little trick is that I can see what is going on without having to go through Flex Builder.  Also, I happened to create a web service debugging application and it displayed the error and result text from the web service.  When displaying either debug or general result information, it is helpful if the TextArea scrolls up to show the latest information added.  I Continue reading Autoscroll Textarea