CopyTo List Attachment to Shared Documents

As part of one of my projects at work, I was tasked to modify a form for a list to have the Attachment moved to the Document Library. When the file is in the Document Library, I can then apply all sorts of change control and stuff to the document. Being new to playing around with jQuery and JSOM in SharePoint, I searched the web for an example on how to do this action. I found that there was a method called copyTo that would do what I needed. Great! Now how do I use it? I searched around and Continue reading CopyTo List Attachment to Shared Documents

Of HTML 5 Twitter and Time Zones

In an attempt to expand my knowledge of things, I have been looking into HTML 5 and how it works. In general, HTML 5 adds a few new tags and with help from a bunch of JavaScript, will allow you to create more dynamic web pages and even web applications that can be converted into to mobile applications.  BlackBerry handles their HTML 5 web applications through WebWorks.  They have just recently updated their Developer Zone with nicer splash pages to highlight the multiple ways for creating mobile applications.  WebWorks was available for OS 5 BlackBerry phones, but the new PlayBook Continue reading Of HTML 5 Twitter and Time Zones