The BlackBerry Nabu

I recently posted a wish of mine, BlackBerry getting a smart watch by purchasing Kairos and making it their own. But, I don’t think BlackBerry should just stop at watches. I believe that they should have all sorts of smart wearables. The Kairos watch also has the option of providing a smart band, which makes any watch a smart watch. It also does health monitoring, which brings me to the Razer Nabu. Razer provides gaming systems and peripherals, so they aren’t new to the tech community.  So, unlike Kairos, they probably won’t make or break on a wearable.  But, getting into Continue reading The BlackBerry Nabu

The DeanLogic Smart Watch

Lately there has been an uptick in wearable devices. Most likely due to the introduction of the Pebble and the latest rumors and announcements of smart watches from Samsung, Apple and Google, among the big hitters. With everyone coming out with what they seem to think a smart watch should be, I figured I should share my thoughts, just in case someone decides to build one. The first thing is to focus in just the watch. Another wearable device that has been popular is the smart band. Nike Fuel Band, Fitbit, Jawbone and others are battling it out in this Continue reading The DeanLogic Smart Watch