AIR Touch Kitchen Project

Recently a creative gentlemen named Ryan built a kitchen computer on the request of his wife. He called the iPhone inspired DIY Kitchen Touch Screen Project the iKitchen. His creation went viral around the net and with that feedback he decided to create a forum to let other people come up with their own Touch Kitchen.

One of the forum threads asked if anyone wanted to create a Touch Kitchen using Adobe AIR and that’s where I came in.

The Project
Create an AIR application to run in full screen on a touch enabled monitor or tablet PC. Display in the application smaller applications that are focused on, but not limited to, kitchen usage. The applications should be touch screen friendly and viewable (think of a person cooking something and wanting to easily get at the information). Each application would be self contained, but able to access overall user information (name, zip, lat, lon, etc) from the main application.

The overall application is called the Touch Kitchen. Each little application added is called an Appliance. The Touch Kitchen uses MATE and calls each application by using a load module call.


  • Kitchen Calculator
  • Timer
  • Calendar
  • e-Mail
  • Recipes (iKitchen is working on a database, BigOven is also another option)
  • Twitter/Social Updates
  • Photo Album
  • Music Library
  • Video/Live TV

Help Needed
Right now there are two of us working on this project. We are beginner AIR developers and this project is strictly on the hobby end of the spectrum. We would welcome help on all levels. Whether it is making sure the main application is handling the Appliances correctly, or developing Appliances for the Touch Kitchen.