Meetup Search Tool


Meetup Search Tool

Long Description

Meetup is a site for people with similar interests to get together on-line so that they can do things together off-line.  There are Meetup groups all around the world.  This is a simple search tool for find the Groups and Events by topic.  The application allows you to restrict the search by zip code and a radius around that zip code.  This application requires internet access.

Version : 1.0.0

Release : April 14, 2011


Download or use the QR code or search for the phrase “meetup” in the BlackBerry App World.

Missing Features:

The search is limited right now, but I plan on adding more options.

Release Notes:
Version 1.0.2
  • Initial Release
  • Search Groups by Topic
  • Search Open Events by Topic
  • Search within Radius of Zip Code
  • Return of suggested Topic values if search returns zero results
  • PlayBook Simulator was limiting, there may be formatting issues or other issues on the live version.  I hope to get a PlayBook soon and test the application.
Future Planned changes:
  • Adjust item layouts and fonts to make sure they work well on the device
  • Add GPS location search option : get the GPS latitude and longitude location and use that instead of zip.  “Meetups near me”
  • Add City Upcoming Events : The City Meetup pages is a nice feature that shows upcoming events, this might be useful
  • Add Map of Meetups search option :  show a map and have Meetups pop up on the map based on search options

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