Easy pinch zoom for ImageView

As part of my Meetup for BlackBerry 10 app, I provide the photo albums for the user’s groups.  With the list of albums, the user can drill down to see a list of the images and then click on the individual image. The image is loaded into the ImageView component from a url on Meetup.com.  Due the obvious screen size difference between the files upload and a phone, the image is re-sized to fit on the available screen.  Regardless if the screen is the 1:1 Q5/10 or the 16:8/9 Z10/30, the user will need to zoom in on the picture Continue reading Easy pinch zoom for ImageView

Better way of adding a Sheet

I am making some more updates to my Meetup for BlackBerry 10 app and wanted to add a page for Settings, which is accessible from the pull down app menu.   Screens in Cascades are either a Page or Sheet contained by themselves or in a Tab or Navigation panes.  My application is already setup using a TabbedPane, so in order to add something that isn’t a Tab, I need to display a Sheet.  Previously, I added a sheet to a photo album page to show a single photo.  After you define the sheet on the Page, to display it, you Continue reading Better way of adding a Sheet