Text to Speech (TTS) integration via Read Out! (TTS) on BlackBerry 10

Sometimes you like to listen to stuff instead of reading it yourself. In some situations this can became very handy. It’s the same for users of your app(s) as well. For that reason it could be a good fit to integrate a working text to speech (TTS) solution to your apps. Read Out! (TTS) is probably one of the most popular and complete TTS apps available for BlackBerry 10. I’ve developed the app by myself back in July 2015 and since then provided some updates. As I started the development of Read Out! (TTS), it wasn’t even been meant to Continue reading Text to Speech (TTS) integration via Read Out! (TTS) on BlackBerry 10

Pocket integration via ReadItNow! on BlackBerry 10

Sometimes you don’t have the time to read everything as soon as you discover it. It’s the same for user of your apps as well. For that reason it could be a good fit to add Pocket integration to your apps. For those of you who don’t know what Pocket is, it’s a so called “read it later” service, available cross platform for multiple devices. Pocket enables you to save everything you want to read for later, and access it on multiple devices and platforms. For more informations please have a look at GetPocket.com. Pocket itself doesn’t offer a native Continue reading Pocket integration via ReadItNow! on BlackBerry 10

Zombie Crossing – game review

Time for another silly game review. Whether it is my review that is silly or the game is, will be determmined by the reader. Back in the 1980’s arcades (that place in the mall that you would go to in order to play games) had several games that had a simple premis, but would draw you in for hours just to do a very basic task. One of these games was Frogger. All you had to do was get the frog to hop across the road, grass and river to the other side. Occasionally you would guide the frog to Continue reading Zombie Crossing – game review

Meetup for BlackBerry 10 releases – 1.2.3 thru 4.2.5

This is my second update this month for Meetup for BlackBerry 10.  At the beginning of the month (May 4th), I relased 4.2.4 which were some quick fixes to solve an issue with the latest version of BB10 and the HTML content. Apparently, at some point after 10.2 release, the Dark Theme and HTML content in a Rich Text editor start publishing white text on white background.  This made reading Event and Group descriptions useless.  The only fix was to remove the Dark Theme.  Also, I hadn’t completely revamped my application look based on the change to my logo in Continue reading Meetup for BlackBerry 10 releases – 1.2.3 thru 4.2.5

Built for BlackBerry

Just because you build an app to run on a BlackBerry device, doesn’t mean that it is Built for BlackBerry. There are guidelines for what is considered Built for BlackBerry. And after you think you have done your best to meet those guidelines, you have to submit your app to be scrutinized by someone from BlackBerry to determine if you did meet those guidelines. On top of that, you only get a limited number of tries to get the app passed. Built for BlackBerry. The signature BlackBerry 10 experience. Built to keep you moving, apps and games with the Built Continue reading Built for BlackBerry

Meetup for BlackBerry 1.2.2

Meetup for BlackBerry 10 by DeanLogic version 1.2.2 is now available for download. The first thing you should notice is that the install size is now only 1.5 MB. Sorry for making it so huge before, I didn’t realize the splash screen images were the culprit. The other obvious change is the app icon. Due to a request from Meetup, I modified the logo to meet their requirements. I added shortcut keys for the Q and Passport, but found out that the ‘Alt’ key won’t work for those shortcuts. I will do a different shortcut and send out an update. Continue reading Meetup for BlackBerry 1.2.2