Cascades animations in games

This article is a follow-up of How to use Cascades built-in animations Animations are perfect for simple games, so let’s create one right now. The game we’ll be building is called ‘No Fly Zone’ and consist of a fly flying around the screen that we need to kill. First, we’ll need a fly image, so I’ve found this one from :   We’ll separate this image in two parts : the body and wings. Save those 2 images in ‘assets/images/’ folder (you’ll need to create ‘images’ folder). To make the wings flap, we’ll put both images on top of each other Continue reading Cascades animations in games

How to use Cascades built-in animations

Nowadays, there’s a lot of mobile app developers and your apps need to stand out to catch the user’s attention. Most users like to interact with the app, and animations can bring this interaction to another level, not only letting the user touch a component on the screen and have a reaction, but also having this component to move, scale, fade or rotate to create a real sense of interaction and fluidity. Hopefully, Cascades makes it easy to use animations with only a few lines of code.   IMPLICIT AND EXPLICIT ANIMATIONS Cascades support 2 types of animations, implicit and Continue reading How to use Cascades built-in animations

Chat Style ListView

While I am continuing to add features to my Meetup for BlackBerry 10 app, I was wondering how I could add a chat like look when I show the Event Comments.  I was hoping that there would be a simple setting in the ListView to display the items in that format, but alas, that’s not the case.  However, with the help from Joe on the BBM Group for BB10 developer newbies (Baby Steps: BB Dev), we came up with a simple solution. The first step is to get your DataGroupModel in the right format.  When Meetup sends the Event Comments, Continue reading Chat Style ListView

Dynamic Context Menu and the Period

While I am still slowly working on my Meetup for BlackBerry 10 app, I decided to do a “quick” app that handles shopping lists.  This was suggested by a user on the Forum.  He wanted a basic shopping list that he could easily move regularly bought items to a buy list and check of the items when he purchased them.  He also wanted to be able to move items on the list, but that will be another post (if I get it working). I decide to keep things really easy and only do a single page for the entire Continue reading Dynamic Context Menu and the Period

Better way of adding a Sheet

I am making some more updates to my Meetup for BlackBerry 10 app and wanted to add a page for Settings, which is accessible from the pull down app menu.   Screens in Cascades are either a Page or Sheet contained by themselves or in a Tab or Navigation panes.  My application is already setup using a TabbedPane, so in order to add something that isn’t a Tab, I need to display a Sheet.  Previously, I added a sheet to a photo album page to show a single photo.  After you define the sheet on the Page, to display it, you Continue reading Better way of adding a Sheet

QML function from child Tab c++ call

Well, that’s a mouth full of a title.  It means, that I am going to share how I called a JavaScript function in my main QML page from a Tab that called a c++ function.  Okay…still need to break it down even further. I am creating an application that uses OAuth 2.0 to get and send data.  If the application hasn’t already stored the access tokens, I need for the user to give the application access.  When the authentication is complete, I need to remove the Login Tab and make the other Tabs enabled.  Since the authentication function has to Continue reading QML function from child Tab c++ call