Playing with the code

I finished doing a little freebie side work on a site called The 9-12 Project Show. Well, I wasn’t actually doing work on the site, I was making an alternative site because of a suggestion by Jacob. The site is a page for posting radio and video interviews for 9/12 Candidates; another site I help out with. The site is pretty basic, but the key is the media player used to play back the shows. The original site used the Whimpy Website Audio and Video player. I’m sure it’s a very capable player, but I didn’t like it. At first Continue reading Playing with the code

ScaleX by ScaleY

I made an update to my Flex Egg Timer example. The Egg Timer uses Degrafa libraries to create the images. They released beta version 3.1 back in December, which was after I started working on a project that used the Egg Timer. Well, when I created an updated version of the project using the new version of Degrafa, I was getting some very odd looking pie pieces. I was using an EllipticalArc to draw both the white timer and the red background. It gave the effect that the red background was the timer and the white part was the background. Continue reading ScaleX by ScaleY

Dean T.V.!!

Well, if you entered Dean Logic through the main site, then you saw my new addition of Dean T.V. Last night I installed Flash MX 2004 Pro (that’s a mouth full). With the latest version of Flash, you get a few neat features, one of them is publishing streaming video. How is it done you ask? Well, you import your saved movie to a blank flash document. You then export the file as a FLV file. Then, you can use a template for streaming video to display the video. It’s that easy. Well, not being one to let things be, Continue reading Dean T.V.!!