Chart js and the Tool Tip

I assume that every developer likes to know how the things that they make are being used by those who use it, to some extent. In the mobile app world, it isn’t the best idea to track every move the user makes, but you could do it, if you plan on making your customers a little annoyed with you. At a minimum app developers can track the number of downloads for the app through statistics provided by the app vendor. This is extremely important if the app brings in money and you want to verify with the vendor that you Continue reading Chart js and the Tool Tip

jQuery and SharePoint id

It has been a while since I’ve posted anythin new, this because the new focus for programming has been SharePoint and jQuery at my new job. I now work for CACI as a sub-contractor on a government job. They mainly use ColdFusion and HTML for their pages, but are currently switching over to SharePoint 2013. And by switching over, I mean redoing Lotus Notes apps and other non-web apps onto SharePoint. Being a government job, also means that SharePoint is locked down in ways that makes customization limited. Apparently to get around such limitations, Microsoft has provided JSOM to access Continue reading jQuery and SharePoint id

JavaScript last day of the month

I usually don’t do post about simple JavaScript issues, but I figured I might need this solution again and might as well write it down. I am working on a new product called Archibus Web Central. Basically it is a building inventory management tool. The application is made up of an XML and JavaScript Hybrid code. Poor explanation, but not really important to this post. In the project I am working on, I need to determine a start and end date in order to get a range of dates. To make my life simple, I am just using a set Continue reading JavaScript last day of the month

QML function from child Tab c++ call

Well, that’s a mouth full of a title.  It means, that I am going to share how I called a JavaScript function in my main QML page from a Tab that called a c++ function.  Okay…still need to break it down even further. I am creating an application that uses OAuth 2.0 to get and send data.  If the application hasn’t already stored the access tokens, I need for the user to give the application access.  When the authentication is complete, I need to remove the Login Tab and make the other Tabs enabled.  Since the authentication function has to Continue reading QML function from child Tab c++ call

Dreamweaver Widgets

Dreamweaver has a Widget Browser for checking out the free and paid Dreamweaver widgets in the Adobe Exchange.  The benefit of the Widget Browser is that you can easily see which ones you have installed and what is available without having to go to the website. When you decide on using one, then you can use the Widget Browser to configure the widget, so some success.  It all depends on the developer as to how useful the widget configuration is and customizing your selected widget.  I downloaded and installed the Aqua Button, the Weather Updater and the Twitter widgets. The Continue reading Dreamweaver Widgets

Playing with the code

I finished doing a little freebie side work on a site called The 9-12 Project Show. Well, I wasn’t actually doing work on the site, I was making an alternative site because of a suggestion by Jacob. The site is a page for posting radio and video interviews for 9/12 Candidates; another site I help out with. The site is pretty basic, but the key is the media player used to play back the shows. The original site used the Whimpy Website Audio and Video player. I’m sure it’s a very capable player, but I didn’t like it. At first Continue reading Playing with the code