Release 1.1.1 look at the download reports

I did a small update to fix an issue with the OAuth Token expiring while the app was working. When the user enters the app from being closed, it updates (sometimes it requires a user action). I would prefer to get this fixed that after the initial authentication, any other update will go automatically. I also fixed the pinch to zoom method of looking at the pictures and added an email feedback in the app menu. I added the email feedback because I got another review stating that the app didn’t work on a Z10. With no way of contacting Continue reading Release 1.1.1 look at the download reports

A look at my download reports

I released my first BB10 app back on Oct. 28th (trying to get a free Red Z10) and then I did an update on Dec. 04. When you do a basic report in the BlackBerry Vendor World, you see something like this. Which doesn’t tell you much, except for that a bunch of people updated the app when I released the new version. To get more detailed information, you do scheduled report (which is a misleading title).  A scheduled report is an CSV output of the application, date downloaded, batch file downloaded, application version, device model, device OS, country, carrier Continue reading A look at my download reports