99.9999% done with WP People

Well, I figured out how not to only add buttons for my WP People plugin but to have it popup with a window to select from the WP People list and then select a person and have it insert back into the Page or Post. And, I got it to work with both the tinyMCE (the pretty WYSIWYG editor) and basic editors. Yippee!!! Of course, IE is a piece of junk, so it doesn’t work 100% with IE. A couple of errors appear when it loads the list popup, but you can just click through those and the insert still Continue reading 99.9999% done with WP People

A little more functionality to WP People

After looking over a few examples of adding a button to the Post/Page editor, I found Deanna Schneider’s blog about adding a button. And, I got it to work! Woo hoo! Through her example, I was able to figure out how to create a page that would be called when the button is clicked. The popup page lists the WP People available, with their picture, an abbreviated version of their bio, name and nickname. Next to each person is a button to insert them into the post. When you click the button, the full name of the person is inserted Continue reading A little more functionality to WP People

More updates to WP People

Well, in an attempt to add a button to the editor menu so that a user could easily add people from the WP People list to a post, I managed to go through and update the code to make it compatible (upgradeable) with earlier version of WP People, just in case. I also figured out how to copy WP People from the table to the XFN database. The biggest annoyance was adding the category after inserting the record in the to table. But, after figuring it out, I trucked along and made it possible to edit, add, and delete WP Continue reading More updates to WP People

WP People Updated

I was trying to add a FAQ to my blog for the Meetup Organizer Tool I am working on and then I got side tracked updating my WP People Plugin. The WP People Plugin basically takes the Name value from Links added to the blog and replaces it with a nick name and a link to more information about the person. I originally had created a database table to hold the people and an admin screen to add, edit and delete. Then I saw the XFN option in WordPress and figured it would be much easier to use that information. Continue reading WP People Updated