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Tags: xfn, links, blogroll, people
Requires at least: 2.7.1
Tested up to: 2.8.4
Stable tag / Version: 3.4.0
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This hack plug-in will search a post and find names that match database records of people maked with the WP Category in the XFN Links. When it finds a match, it will replace the name with a link to the person. There is a administration screen for adding people and their bios to the database and viewing the current people marked for the filter. More than one person can be linked on a post. A individual name will only be linked once per post.

The original author of the hack stopped supporting it a while ago. I took his original idea and used another hack (acronymit) as a guide to make this work. The original worked with the my-hacks script used in WordPress 1.0.1, so this is beyond the functionality of the original.

If you were using the version 2 of Word Press People, then you will be able to see any current people in WP People. As of version 3.1.0, you can Copy records from the WP People table into the XFN Links databse.


  1. Upload `wp-people` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to the WP People administration page under the Tools section. The first time there will create the “WP People” Category
  4. Go to the Links administration page. Add new Links or add the WP Category to those people who you want to be included in WP People.
  5. Optionally Install the ‘WordPress Force Word Wrapping‘ plugin to prevent the description text from extednig past the popup window area.


The field on the Links form match up the following way:

  • Name is the Real Name (searched name) in WP People
  • Description is the Nick Name (displayed name) in WP People
  • Web Address is the Link in WP People
  • Advanced Notes is the Description/Bio in WP People
  • Advanced Image Link is the Photo in WP People

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