Custom Category Icons

I mentioned in my new template post that I might add back the Category images to the posts. Well, I thought I would give it a try, but the first step was to see if something existed in the WordPress Plugin world.  There were a few options, but they either only posted the images on the Category template page or only did one image per post.  And all methods required modifying the template files. So, no go on that, time to re-add my original hack. I had previously created a way to pull up the Category description and image in Continue reading Custom Category Icons

The Demo Site

I have created a Demo site using Dreamweaver.  I used a HTML5 template, because I figure I probably should learn some HTML5 while I am doing this. The first thing I had to do was setup a ftp user on my website and give the user access to the “demo” folder.  To make things simple, I also created a subdomain for the demo folder (  Unfortunately, the Dreamweaver template is a little finicky and the path url to the image wasn’t correct on my first couple of attempts to drag and drop the image into the page.  Also, the css Continue reading The Demo Site

AHP Sitewide Recent Posts – hack 2.2ish

I received a comment on the main AHP Sitewide Recent Posts hack about having an issue of just displaying the title for the post. The plugin uses a “option code” to determine which items will be displayed for each post. The idea is, you add the value for each option and that total value lets the plugin know which items to show. For example, if you only wanted to show the post name, then the option value would be 32. If you wanted to show the post name and the blog name, then the option value would be 48 (32 Continue reading AHP Sitewide Recent Posts – hack 2.2ish

AHP Sitewide Recent Posts – hack 2.1ish

It’s funny how things happen to fall into place. Jacob over at was lamenting over the issue of not keeping the main page up-to-date. A few of the state sites have been posting updates, but Jacob has been a little busy and didn’t have anything to put on his front page. If only, he thought, there was a way to show the posts from the other sites. Well, what do you know, I was just playing around with a plug-in that did that. After pointing Jacob to the example on NC Freedom, he came back with some changes. The Continue reading AHP Sitewide Recent Posts – hack 2.1ish

AHP Sitewide Recent Posts – hack 2.0

After completing the initial hack, I went back to my production site and noticed that only one post from each site was being displayed. I believe this was the original intent of the plug-in, but I think that needs to be changed, so I made a little improvement. So now, the plug-in lets you set a max limit on the number of post per site. If you have a lot of sites, you’ll probably want to up the number of posts to display in general. Here is what I did. The first thing I did was to split up the Continue reading AHP Sitewide Recent Posts – hack 2.0

Sitewide Recent Posts – hack

I started using WordPress Mu for a couple of sites that I am helping out with. The key to WordPress Mu is the ability to have multiple WordPress sites under the control of a main WordPress site. For example, if you have a common topic, you can have multiple sub-sites under the main site. Examples of these are the two sites I am helping out with 9/12 Candidates and NC Freedom. While 912 Candidates has sub-sites based on each state, NC Freedom uses sub-sites based on regions within the state. Another part of WordPress Mu is the ability to have Continue reading Sitewide Recent Posts – hack