Text to Speech (TTS) integration via Read Out! (TTS) on BlackBerry 10

Sometimes you like to listen to stuff instead of reading it yourself. In some situations this can became very handy. It’s the same for users of your app(s) as well. For that reason it could be a good fit to integrate a working text to speech (TTS) solution to your apps. Read Out! (TTS) is probably one of the most popular and complete TTS apps available for BlackBerry 10. I’ve developed the app by myself back in July 2015 and since then provided some updates. As I started the development of Read Out! (TTS), it wasn’t even been meant to Continue reading Text to Speech (TTS) integration via Read Out! (TTS) on BlackBerry 10

Pocket integration via ReadItNow! on BlackBerry 10

Sometimes you don’t have the time to read everything as soon as you discover it. It’s the same for user of your apps as well. For that reason it could be a good fit to add Pocket integration to your apps. For those of you who don’t know what Pocket is, it’s a so called “read it later” service, available cross platform for multiple devices. Pocket enables you to save everything you want to read for later, and access it on multiple devices and platforms. For more informations please have a look at GetPocket.com. Pocket itself doesn’t offer a native Continue reading Pocket integration via ReadItNow! on BlackBerry 10

How to use Cascades built-in animations

Nowadays, there’s a lot of mobile app developers and your apps need to stand out to catch the user’s attention. Most users like to interact with the app, and animations can bring this interaction to another level, not only letting the user touch a component on the screen and have a reaction, but also having this component to move, scale, fade or rotate to create a real sense of interaction and fluidity. Hopefully, Cascades makes it easy to use animations with only a few lines of code.   IMPLICIT AND EXPLICIT ANIMATIONS Cascades support 2 types of animations, implicit and Continue reading How to use Cascades built-in animations

CubiX Review

As a member of an app developer group, you have the opportunity to hear of an app that you might not find looking in an app store. I usually try to help test the apps from the Baby Steps: BB Dev group before they get to the app world, but I didn’t have the time during this app’s development. Now that it is launched, I took the time to download it and give it a look. CubiX is a side scrolling time touch game. In other words, a game that requires the user to touch the screen at the right Continue reading CubiX Review

Fly FLy Up Testing and Review

As part of being a developer you end up spending some time in developer forums. Usually those forums are part of the official site for the development tool or application. But, sometimes you end up in a fan forum that happens to have a developer forum of its own, like the one on CrackBerry.com. And sometimes when you want to find an active group of new developers, you end up in a BBM Group for new developers called Baby Steps: BB Dev. Well, that’s where I found myself when a user named Tom asked for some help. Tom was dipping Continue reading Fly FLy Up Testing and Review

Painter Help And Review

A little while ago, a guy named Joe gave me some help creating a Chat Style ListView.  While I was working on my app, he was working on his app called Painter. Joe is still making updates to the app, but it is a great app already. You are given the option of brush size, opacity and color. There are also eraser options for when you want to clear something.  For basic doodles, this would be fine. But, you can also load an image to make your doodles on top of. Of course, with the opacity option, it makes it Continue reading Painter Help And Review