Checking for a COLUMN before ALTER TABLE

SQLite is one of the many ways to store data on BB10. I find it is easier for me to use sql calls to get the information I want then doing the old BB OS way of using Vectors.  Also, instead of using DataModels to populate a form in BB10, I am calling from the database and then creating a instance of the item to fill in, once I have retrieved the data (I’ll write up another post about that).  The issue with SQLite is that it is “Lite”, which means not all functionality is available in order to reduce Continue reading Checking for a COLUMN before ALTER TABLE

Column charts with ticks

After having some issues with the Flex Forum due to spamming (not me), I went back on to answer a few quick questions. A question about creating tick lines between the interval lines on a column chart was followed up with setting the number of tick lines between the intervals. The first part of adding tick lines is fairly straight forward. When you create a ColumnChart and add LinearAxis, you can set the minorInterval value, which creates the ticks between the main intervals. After that is set, you can add an AxisRenderer to the verticalAxisRender to adjust what the tick Continue reading Column charts with ticks

Column Chart with Item Renderer

When doing the Column Chart with fillFunction for a question in the Flex Forum, the poster said that he was trying to do something a little different. Instead of a simple fill, he wanted the fill to be semi-transparent with a solid border. When I looked at the iFill function, it didn’t have a stroke option and it doesn’t seem that the standard column item deals with the column border. My guess was, that an item renderer should be used for the column instead. Within the item render, you can create a rectangle graphic and then adjust the border and Continue reading Column Chart with Item Renderer

Column Chart with Fill Function

When you have a column chart, sometimes you want to change the column colors based on the data. A question in the Flex Forum asked how to alter the column color on each column. To do this, yo need to use the fillFunction on a ColumnSeries to set the color of the fill. One issue with doing this, is how it affects the chart legend. If you use the fills property or the fillFunction to define the fills of chart items, and you want a legend, you must manually create the Legend object for that chart. But, this just gives Continue reading Column Chart with Fill Function

Stacked Column Chart with Line Series

On the Flex Forum, I was attempting to help someone find their issue to a Stacked Column Chart with a Line Series. The y-axes values were not corresponding with the data being provided. This seemed like a glitch and I even attempted a work around by finding the minimum and maximum values. Finally, after looking at the Stacking Columns example and the Multiple Axis Example, reconstructed the chart using the static objects instead of dynamically creating the chart. From there, I recreated the chart items in a function and determined that the first issue the poster was having was building Continue reading Stacked Column Chart with Line Series