Spark LineGrid Component

Since I had a day off, I decided to work on converting my old Flex Examples to the new Flex 4.  As stated in a previous post, the new Flex 4 breaks Degrafa and Degrafa seems to be defunct now.  Most of the drawing functions are handled with spark and sprite functions, but little things like arcs and line repeaters are not.  So where before it was easy enough to create a repeating line in Degrafa, now I have to do a loop to create the lines needed.  Well, in this case, instead of drawing lines, I’m drawing rectangles.  While Continue reading Spark LineGrid Component

New sprite Egg Timer

At work I upgraded to Flex 4.5 and started updating one of my projects.  I started running into errors with my components that used Degrafa.  Apparently the Degrafa group has stopped working on updates and code in Flex 4 has broken the arc and wedge drawing utilities.  This causes a problem with my Egg Timer component, because it relies on the wedge or arc for the display.  I decided to use the new functions of Flex to create the timer.  Unfortunately, Flex still doesn’t have it’s own wedge or arc drawing utilities.  It does have a curveTo method as part Continue reading New sprite Egg Timer

ScaleX by ScaleY

I made an update to my Flex Egg Timer example. The Egg Timer uses Degrafa libraries to create the images. They released beta version 3.1 back in December, which was after I started working on a project that used the Egg Timer. Well, when I created an updated version of the project using the new version of Degrafa, I was getting some very odd looking pie pieces. I was using an EllipticalArc to draw both the white timer and the red background. It gave the effect that the red background was the timer and the white part was the background. Continue reading ScaleX by ScaleY