New sprite Egg Timer

At work I upgraded to Flex 4.5 and started updating one of my projects.  I started running into errors with my components that used Degrafa.  Apparently the Degrafa group has stopped working on updates and code in Flex 4 has broken the arc and wedge drawing utilities.  This causes a problem with my Egg Timer component, because it relies on the wedge or arc for the display.  I decided to use the new functions of Flex to create the timer.  Unfortunately, Flex still doesn’t have it’s own wedge or arc drawing utilities.  It does have a curveTo method as part Continue reading New sprite Egg Timer

Simple Countdown Timer

After creating the simple Egg Timer application, I made some changes to make it a little more flexible. The original Egg Timer was just a 1 or 2 minute timer that just showed the time elapsing. The new Countdown Timer does the same, but also adds 15 second and 10 second markers to the timer and allows for selection of different time periods. I also made changes to a simple clock counter that I created. The original clock counter would count up from a specific time. I made a change to set it to count down or up. Adding the Continue reading Simple Countdown Timer