BB10 AIR Getting Started Completely

I have been meaning to get started on some BlackBerry 10 development, so I loaded the SDK for AIR and Flash Builder 4.6. With Flash Builder 4.6, you are supposedly able to create an iOS, Android or BlackBerry (tablet and BB10) application all at the same time. However, when you build for the least common denominator, you lose functionality for a specific platform. Because of this (and that I really don’t need to develop for iOS or Android at the moment) I started an application only for the BlackBerry. While attempting to install VMWare for the virtual machine that allows Continue reading BB10 AIR Getting Started Completely

Simple Countdown Timer

After creating the simple Egg Timer application, I made some changes to make it a little more flexible. The original Egg Timer was just a 1 or 2 minute timer that just showed the time elapsing. The new Countdown Timer does the same, but also adds 15 second and 10 second markers to the timer and allows for selection of different time periods. I also made changes to a simple clock counter that I created. The original clock counter would count up from a specific time. I made a change to set it to count down or up. Adding the Continue reading Simple Countdown Timer