Simple DataGrid with ArrayCollection Update Example

I was helping out on the Flex community forum and one of the posts needed a little more of example than I could give using the forum post tools. So, I decided to create a quick example of a DataGrid using an ArrayCollection for the dataprovider. The ArrayCollection is created dynamically using a randomization selection from two static arrays. Then there is an option for updating the list showing which of the items have “Red” as the color value. I also put a couple of other items in the example, including an ItemRenderer for the DataGrid and a button holder Continue reading Simple DataGrid with ArrayCollection Update Example

Spark LineGrid Component

Since I had a day off, I decided to work on converting my old Flex Examples to the new Flex 4.  As stated in a previous post, the new Flex 4 breaks Degrafa and Degrafa seems to be defunct now.  Most of the drawing functions are handled with spark and sprite functions, but little things like arcs and line repeaters are not.  So where before it was easy enough to create a repeating line in Degrafa, now I have to do a loop to create the lines needed.  Well, in this case, instead of drawing lines, I’m drawing rectangles.  While Continue reading Spark LineGrid Component

Horizontal Slider and List synch

As I stated in a previous post, I am working on a little project for work that dealt with including arrays inside of arrays.  Part of this also had me putting lists inside of lists.  The layout of one of the display has an Accordion navigation control with a HorizontalList, that also contained an accordion with it’s own HorizontalList.  I am using the horizontal list to scroll through main items with sub-items below.  On top of this, I am creating the HorizontalList, the HSlider and the Accordion controls all dynamically. The first part of setting up the slider and list, Continue reading Horizontal Slider and List synch

Zend AMF and Flash Builder

While I was pondering creating the Flex/Flash test application for the Demo site, I ran across Flex Test Drive.  I remember reading it before and couldn’t remember why I didn’t go through with the example….then I tried connecting to the php web service.  The Flex Test Drive gives you three options for a server:  Java, PHP and ColdFusion.  I don’t have a ColdFusion or Java option on my hosted website, so PHP was the way to go.  I also didn’t want to bother installing a web server locally, because I want to post my examples on my site.  Because of Continue reading Zend AMF and Flash Builder

ArrayCollection in an ArrayCollection

At work I am trying to display a bunch of information retrieved from a web services.  The data has a header table (top item) and then supporting item tables (sub items).  My current data only brings back one top item, but I have set it up to display multiple top items using a HorizontalList.  I created a custom component based on a Form, which allows me to easily display header and values.  In the future, I can probably use the form for inputs, but for now it is just displaying.  I am also using an Accordion container to display each Continue reading ArrayCollection in an ArrayCollection

Adobe BrowserLab

I decided to take a glance at the widgets I put in earlier today and stumbled onto a nice little tool over at Adobe.  In Dreamweaver you have a few options for viewing your work to determine how it will look in the real world.  The first method is to use a split view, which gives you one frame of code and another frame of design.  The obvious benefit is that you can quickly find your code problems before sending it up to the site.  However, as you notice from the image below, it might not actually be what  you Continue reading Adobe BrowserLab