Flex Test Drive in about an hour

According to the Flex Test Drive site, you can “Build an application in an hour”.  While that is definitely true for a simple application, I would say it takes a little bit longer in real life.  I started working through the Test Drive demo using the videos, which probably run less than an hour.  Since I am familiar with Flex/Flash Builder, it was easy enough for me to have the video running in the background while I built the application.  There were several times that I had to switch back to the video to get a better understanding of what Continue reading Flex Test Drive in about an hour

Zend AMF and Flash Builder

While I was pondering creating the Flex/Flash test application for the Demo site, I ran across Flex Test Drive.  I remember reading it before and couldn’t remember why I didn’t go through with the example….then I tried connecting to the php web service.  The Flex Test Drive gives you three options for a server:  Java, PHP and ColdFusion.  I don’t have a ColdFusion or Java option on my hosted website, so PHP was the way to go.  I also didn’t want to bother installing a web server locally, because I want to post my examples on my site.  Because of Continue reading Zend AMF and Flash Builder