New Template and Join the Conversation

My blog has never been a hub of post post communication. The main reason for this has been the spam bots that join the site when registration was open or leave comments when comments are open. It isn’t that I don’t want to have discussion on my blog, but it is annoying to keep up with the right plugin or setting or managing all the invalid user accounts. I’ve decided to try a different method of conversation using BBM Channels. Why would I want to do that? BBM is free and on BlackBerry, Windows, Android and iPhones BBM, as far Continue reading New Template and Join the Conversation

Author Box Adding Additional Contacts Hack

After posting about another app created by a developer in the Baby Steps: BB Dev BBM Group, I asked the group if anyone wanted to post an article on my blog about what is like to work with the BBM Group. Since the developers in the group are always thanking each other for help, I figured it would be good for developers outside of our group to know that there are groups who like to be helpful to each other when developing apps. And, since it is always good to get multiple opinions, I figured it would be good for Continue reading Author Box Adding Additional Contacts Hack

In App link to BBM Channel

In my last post, I announced that I now had a BBM Channel.  As I mentioned, the main reason for creating the channel was for updates on any apps that I am creating for BB10.  As part of one of the updates to my Meetup app, I wanted a direct link to the channel, so that new users could subscribe and existing users a could see what I was up to as far as app development was concerned. I initially tried to add the link as a URL to launch from the app, but that only launches the browser and Continue reading In App link to BBM Channel

DeanLogic now has a BBM Channel

BlackBerry has been trying to get back its mobile market share. Part of this strategy was to create BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android and Apple.  BBM is probably the best messenger app out there, but due to Android and Apple’s increased popularity, BBM has fallen in popularity.  However, even before the official release, BBM on Apple and Android definitely has a demand.  BlackBerry wasn’t going to just keep the old BBM either.  For BlackBerry users, they added Voice and Video chat over Wi-fi.  And then for the BB10 phones, they added Screenshare through BBM.  As an IT person and an Continue reading DeanLogic now has a BBM Channel