Painter – My First App

Painter was my first project that got me into application development and is currently available in Blackberry World for all BB10 devices (as of the latest release). The application lets users load a picture onto a canvas and then draw on it with any color they wish (basically it’s like MSPaint). Conceptually, Painter is very simple – You load a picture and layered on top of that picture is a webpage with a transparent background. However, I did face several challenges and I wouldn’t have even released the application if it wasn’t for the support I received from another developer. Continue reading Painter – My First App

In App link to BBM Channel

In my last post, I announced that I now had a BBM Channel.  As I mentioned, the main reason for creating the channel was for updates on any apps that I am creating for BB10.  As part of one of the updates to my Meetup app, I wanted a direct link to the channel, so that new users could subscribe and existing users a could see what I was up to as far as app development was concerned. I initially tried to add the link as a URL to launch from the app, but that only launches the browser and Continue reading In App link to BBM Channel

OAuth2 with WebView and C++ call

I have been struggling with figuring out OAuth connection for an application I am trying to create for BB10.  There are examples for WebWorks and Native in the GitHub repositories, but they weren’t very straight forward.  And there were hints and posts that it could be done in a more simple method using WebView.  After looking at a bunch of different code, I finally figured it out and not it seems easy.  The key was to use the WebView for the initial call for OAuth to get a code to send for the final Access authentication and then use C++ Continue reading OAuth2 with WebView and C++ call