Movie projects I have worked on.

Us and Them

~ Thriller/Horror


Best Served Cold

~ Revenge

Nomination : Most GuerrillaGFC-LOGO-Gray-Black-RedBestServedColdPoster

Home Sweet Home

~ Drama/Comedy

Top 45 Film
Home Sweet Home was ranked 32 in the Top 45 of over 200 entries.
Winner: Audience Choice


All or Nothing:The Journey to the American Skating Society

~ Documentary/Mockumentary

2nd Place : 2nd Annual Team Member Talent Show, Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown

Honorable Mention : Best Use of Dialog (“As you wish”)

The Dark Files

~ Sci-Fi Thriller

Death’s Bouquet

~ Suspense / Thriller

Is That What You Wish?

~ Time Travel

A Step Outside

~ short, thriller/suspense/action

Heist H2O

~ short, comedy, heist

The Compromise

~ comedy, drama, road movie