Meetup for BlackBerry 10 release 1.2.0

I have done a minor/mid release (1.2.0 / 4.2.0) for the Meetup app. I updated the build OS to 10.2. I figured at this point, everyone should have updated their device to 10.2.1. Another push for updating to 10.2, is that BlackBerry has already announced 10.3 and provided beta simulators, so that developers could get started updating their apps or building new apps with the new features. I don’t plan on pushing out a 10.3 version until I feel that the majority of my users have upgrade. One of the reasons I wanted to go to 10.2 is the addition Continue reading Meetup for BlackBerry 10 release 1.2.0

Chat Style ListView

While I am continuing to add features to my Meetup for BlackBerry 10 app, I was wondering how I could add a chat like look when I show the Event Comments.  I was hoping that there would be a simple setting in the ListView to display the items in that format, but alas, that’s not the case.  However, with the help from Joe on the BBM Group for BB10 developer newbies (Baby Steps: BB Dev), we came up with a simple solution. The first step is to get your DataGroupModel in the right format.  When Meetup sends the Event Comments, Continue reading Chat Style ListView

Dynamic Navigation Pane Push Pages

That is somewhat of a tongue twister and it all came about because of a question on a forum.  The forums has a section for new developers, which is always a nice thing to have.  The poster is apparently trying to create an app to serve up radio stations (I think) and he wants to provide a Page for each station and also provide the list of stations through an xml file.  On the main page, he wants to display a ListView with links to the secondary Pages. Normally, I would just create ComponentDefinition for each Page and then Continue reading Dynamic Navigation Pane Push Pages

Dynamic Context Menu and the Period

While I am still slowly working on my Meetup for BlackBerry 10 app, I decided to do a “quick” app that handles shopping lists.  This was suggested by a user on the Forum.  He wanted a basic shopping list that he could easily move regularly bought items to a buy list and check of the items when he purchased them.  He also wanted to be able to move items on the list, but that will be another post (if I get it working). I decide to keep things really easy and only do a single page for the entire Continue reading Dynamic Context Menu and the Period

DataModel Change Trigger

As I am working through creating a minimum application template, I want to make sure I have the features that will be needed in almost any application.  One of those would be to trigger a notification that the DataModel has been updated.  An example use of this is a ListView populated using a DataModel.  In the application I created for work, when I add a new sales lead through the form, the user gets sent back to a ListView of all the entered leads saved in the device sql database.  After the data is inserted into the table successfully, then Continue reading DataModel Change Trigger