Dynamic Navigation Pane Push Pages

That is somewhat of a tongue twister and it all came about because of a question on a forum.  The CrackBerry.com forums has a section for new developers, which is always a nice thing to have.  The poster is apparently trying to create an app to serve up radio stations (I think) and he wants to provide a Page for each station and also provide the list of stations through an xml file.  On the main page, he wants to display a ListView with links to the secondary Pages. Normally, I would just create ComponentDefinition for each Page and then Continue reading Dynamic Navigation Pane Push Pages

Better way of adding a Sheet

I am making some more updates to my Meetup for BlackBerry 10 app and wanted to add a page for Settings, which is accessible from the pull down app menu.   Screens in Cascades are either a Page or Sheet contained by themselves or in a Tab or Navigation panes.  My application is already setup using a TabbedPane, so in order to add something that isn’t a Tab, I need to display a Sheet.  Previously, I added a sheet to a photo album page to show a single photo.  After you define the sheet on the Page, to display it, you Continue reading Better way of adding a Sheet

Adding pages to NavigationPane as an object

As part of creating the Marketing application for work, I had to use a NavigationPane in Cascades.  The idea behind the NavigationPane is to stack Pages on top of Pages in order to navigate forward and backward through the pages.  In the application I am building, there are a bunch of questions and a comment section for the user to answer.  Each of the question pages uses a ListView to display a list of choices based on an xml page. This was pretty straight forward when using the StandardListItem as the component. I had to make sure that the title Continue reading Adding pages to NavigationPane as an object