Adding pages to NavigationPane as an object

As part of creating the Marketing application for work, I had to use a NavigationPane in Cascades.  The idea behind the NavigationPane is to stack Pages on top of Pages in order to navigate forward and backward through the pages.  In the application I am building, there are a bunch of questions and a comment section for the user to answer.  Each of the question pages uses a ListView to display a list of choices based on an xml page. This was pretty straight forward when using the StandardListItem as the component. I had to make sure that the title Continue reading Adding pages to NavigationPane as an object

Date Sort in a DataGrid – the easy way

While trying to give suggestions to a post on the Flex Forum, I modified my Simple Data Grid to include a column for a Date. The poster had an issue with sorting the column with dates in it. My guess is, the Date value is actually a String object. It really isn’t very hard to create a Date from a string, just parse out the String and feed the appropriate date times into the Date object. Here is how I create the random date value. Since I insert the value into the item Object as a Date object, the sort Continue reading Date Sort in a DataGrid – the easy way