Chat Style ListView

While I am continuing to add features to my Meetup for BlackBerry 10 app, I was wondering how I could add a chat like look when I show the Event Comments.  I was hoping that there would be a simple setting in the ListView to display the items in that format, but alas, that’s not the case.  However, with the help from Joe on the BBM Group for BB10 developer newbies (Baby Steps: BB Dev), we came up with a simple solution. The first step is to get your DataGroupModel in the right format.  When Meetup sends the Event Comments, Continue reading Chat Style ListView

Easy pinch zoom for ImageView

As part of my Meetup for BlackBerry 10 app, I provide the photo albums for the user’s groups.  With the list of albums, the user can drill down to see a list of the images and then click on the individual image. The image is loaded into the ImageView component from a url on  Due the obvious screen size difference between the files upload and a phone, the image is re-sized to fit on the available screen.  Regardless if the screen is the 1:1 Q5/10 or the 16:8/9 Z10/30, the user will need to zoom in on the picture Continue reading Easy pinch zoom for ImageView