BB10 AIR Getting Started Completely

I have been meaning to get started on some BlackBerry 10 development, so I loaded the SDK for AIR and Flash Builder 4.6. With Flash Builder 4.6, you are supposedly able to create an iOS, Android or BlackBerry (tablet and BB10) application all at the same time. However, when you build for the least common denominator, you lose functionality for a specific platform. Because of this (and that I really don’t need to develop for iOS or Android at the moment) I started an application only for the BlackBerry. While attempting to install VMWare for the virtual machine that allows Continue reading BB10 AIR Getting Started Completely

Using BlackBerry Z10 and your game controller to play games

When I started hearing about QNX and BB10, I have always had the impression that the goal of the BB10 phones is that everything is an accessory to the phone.  Since… forever, there has been talk of wearable computers.  There have been many attempts at doing this, but most are clunky and not very practical.  As cell phones morphed from brinks to smart phones, the capabilities have increased to the point where today’s phones are more powerful than the computers I used in the 90s.  This advancement in technology pushes us closer to the wearable computer.  The main downfall to Continue reading Using BlackBerry Z10 and your game controller to play games

mx and qnx happliy playing together

I’m in the processing of updating the Meetup Search application for the BlackBerry PlayBook.  Last night I was busy trying to rearrange the search form options and realized that the mx:UIComponent was not returning width or height back in order to determine where to place the next component.  The qnx library used for the PlayBook require that an application be either completely in AS3 or use the mx:UIComponent to add the qnx fields; button, textinput, toggle switch, etc…   When developing the Meetup Search, I figured that using the mx tags, it would be easier to control the layout and possibly Continue reading mx and qnx happliy playing together