ScaleX by ScaleY

I made an update to my Flex Egg Timer example. The Egg Timer uses Degrafa libraries to create the images. They released beta version 3.1 back in December, which was after I started working on a project that used the Egg Timer. Well, when I created an updated version of the project using the new version of Degrafa, I was getting some very odd looking pie pieces. I was using an EllipticalArc to draw both the white timer and the red background. It gave the effect that the red background was the timer and the white part was the background. Continue reading ScaleX by ScaleY

Issue with Flex 3 error "class is not an IEventDispatcher"

I just started playing around with Flex 3 for a project at work. Part of the project requires pulling customer site information and displaying on a Google Map. I figured out how to do that, but when I would display grid data I would get the warning. warning: unable to bind to property ‘xxx’ on class ‘xxx’ (class is not an IEventDispatcher) After a few Google searches, I found an easy solution and a “d’uh moment”. I had set up my data structures as ActionScript Class files. package { public class Site { public var site_id:int; public var name:String; public Continue reading Issue with Flex 3 error "class is not an IEventDispatcher"