Stacked Column Chart with Line Series

by DeanLogic

On the Flex Forum, I was attempting to help someone find their issue to a Stacked Column Chart with a Line Series. The y-axes values were not corresponding with the data being provided. This seemed like a glitch and I even attempted a work around by finding the minimum and maximum values. Finally, after looking at the Stacking Columns example and the Multiple Axis Example, reconstructed the chart using the static objects instead of dynamically creating the chart. From there, I recreated the chart items in a function and determined that the first issue the poster was having was building the column series incorrectly into a column set.

// add column series to column set
columnset.series = [columnSeries1, columnSeries2];

The second issues is that the created column set and the line series would be the two series added to the chart, not the individual column series.

myChart.verticalAxisRenderers = [verticalAxisRendererRight, verticalAxisRendererLeft];
// column set and linear series to Chart
myChart.series = [columnset, lineSeries];

I also added both x-axis and y-axis data column information, so that there would be no mistake as to were the data was coming from. These small changes apparently were the key to getting the axis values to match the column and charts.

var columnSeries1:ColumnSeries = new ColumnSeries();
columnSeries1.dataProvider = acChartData;
columnSeries1.xField = "hourOfDay";
columnSeries1.yField = "greenAppleCount";
columnSeries1.displayName = "Green";
columnSeries1.setStyle("fill", 0x009900);
columnSeries1.verticalAxis = verticalAxisLeft;

I used my apples data creator for this chart, since I already had that available on the other chart.
Another side note of obviousness, you fill columns and stroke lines.

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