Column charts with ticks

After having some issues with the Flex Forum due to spamming (not me), I went back on to answer a few quick questions. A question about creating tick lines between the interval lines on a column chart was followed up with setting the number of tick lines between the intervals. The first part of adding tick lines is fairly straight forward. When you create a ColumnChart and add LinearAxis, you can set the minorInterval value, which creates the ticks between the main intervals. After that is set, you can add an AxisRenderer to the verticalAxisRender to adjust what the tick Continue reading Column charts with ticks

Find minimum or maximum value from Array

Browsing through the questions at the Adobe Flex forum again and came across one about having an issue with the Y-axis display on a dual-Y axis column/line chart. I’m not sure I gave the answer the poster was looking for, but my guess was that the minimum and maximum values for each LinearAxis was not set. You could set them to static values, but that wouldn’t be too useful. So, I did a quick search for some code to find the max value of an array and then modified it for AS3. — update — There is apparently even an Continue reading Find minimum or maximum value from Array