Checking for a COLUMN before ALTER TABLE

SQLite is one of the many ways to store data on BB10. I find it is easier for me to use sql calls to get the information I want then doing the old BB OS way of using Vectors.  Also, instead of using DataModels to populate a form in BB10, I am calling from the database and then creating a instance of the item to fill in, once I have retrieved the data (I’ll write up another post about that).  The issue with SQLite is that it is “Lite”, which means not all functionality is available in order to reduce Continue reading Checking for a COLUMN before ALTER TABLE

Cursing the cursor

It would seem that every step to upgrade to OS 6 and use SQLite for my BlackBerry java application comes with its own little headaches. I’m sure there is some sort of documentation somewhere that would make it a little easier to do this coding. But, until then, I’ll just muddle along. The key reason for using SQLite is so that I can populate the device-side information easily.  Unfortunately, the data sent to the device is not in the best format at the moment.  So, I have to take sudo HTML tables and parse them out into data to be Continue reading Cursing the cursor