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BlackBerry Enterprise Developer Group manager in Montreal, Cascades Sample Code BBM Channel manager and BlackBerry developer support forum contributor, I like to help new devs who wants to learn Cascades. I publish a lot of sample code on GitHub.

Cascades animations in games

This article is a follow-up of How to use Cascades built-in animations Animations are perfect for simple games, so let’s create one right now. The game we’ll be building is called ‘No Fly Zone’ and consist of a fly flying around the screen that we need to kill. First, we’ll need a fly image, so I’ve found this one from¬†http://www.openclipart.org :   We’ll separate this image in two parts¬†: the body and wings. Save those 2 images in ‘assets/images/’ folder (you’ll need to create ‘images’ folder). To make the wings flap, we’ll put both images on top of each other Continue reading Cascades animations in games

How to use Cascades built-in animations

Nowadays, there’s a lot of mobile app developers and your apps need to stand out to catch the user’s attention. Most users like to interact with the app, and animations can bring this interaction to another level, not only letting the user touch a component on the screen and have a reaction, but also having this component to move, scale, fade or rotate to create a real sense of interaction and fluidity. Hopefully, Cascades makes it easy to use animations with only a few lines of code.   IMPLICIT AND EXPLICIT ANIMATIONS Cascades support 2 types of animations, implicit and Continue reading How to use Cascades built-in animations