Release 1.1.1 look at the download reports

I did a small update to fix an issue with the OAuth Token expiring while the app was working. When the user enters the app from being closed, it updates (sometimes it requires a user action). I would prefer to get this fixed that after the initial authentication, any other update will go automatically.

I also fixed the pinch to zoom method of looking at the pictures and added an email feedback in the app menu. I added the email feedback because I got another review stating that the app didn’t work on a Z10. With no way of contacting the reviewer, I figured the next best thing was to provide a way for users to contact me directly with their issues. I did get a review after the update from a Z10 user that said it does work. So, I don’t know what the issue is.

Anyway, this wasn’t a big update, so this release was 1.1.1 (build 2, because I had to remove “BB10″ on the splash screen and replace it with BlackBerry 10)

Looking at my download report-meetupforblackberry10-11jan_marks.png

The chart does show that I am stilling getting new users since the last update. It looks like I have about 200 users, even thought there are a lot more downloads of the app. The spread is still over over the place. I am amazed at the different locations that are downloading the app. I just hope it works with all the different languages.

I also had one of these listed
Porsche Design P9982 10.2.0 T-Mobile US

Hopefully I can get more features added soon and get to the point of adding an in app purchase to see how that will work.

A look at my download reports

I released my first BB10 app back on Oct. 28th (trying to get a free Red Z10) and then I did an update on Dec. 04. When you do a basic report in the BlackBerry Vendor World, you see something like this.


Which doesn’t tell you much, except for that a bunch of people updated the app when I released the new version.


To get more detailed information, you do scheduled report (which is a misleading title).  A scheduled report is an CSV output of the application, date downloaded, batch file downloaded, application version, device model, device OS, country, carrier and locale.  This is a little more helpful, because you can see where people are downloading from and possibly get an idea of how many people are upgrading to the new version.

Some of the things I found interesting was there were more than one downloads from RIM as a Carrier.

I can see Q5, Q10 and Z30 phone types, but it seems that the Z10s show up as Qualcomm GPU or Imagination GPU.

I had a lot of downloads in Africa. I didn’t expect it to be popular in that area of the world. Including the small island country of Mauritius. I did a check and was surprised to find that they do actually have Meetup groups there.

4 people downloaded the 1.0 app after the 1.1 app was available.  All 4 in different countries, with different carriers.


Disappointingly, it looks like I only had about 221 updates. Which means the 771 initial downloads weren’t all kept or haven’t been updated. I plan on doing some more updates and then submitting it to Built for BlackBerry. I am hoping that at that point, those who initially downloaded, but uninstalled it, will come back to the app. Anyways, wanted to share my thoughts.

My first BlackBerry 10 app

Meetup for BlackBerry10

I just updated my first BlackBerry 10 application; Meetup for BlackBerry 10.

I was attempting to get the app released by a deadline in order to win a free Z10 in Red.  The offer was to be one of the first 500 developers to build an app and then get it certified as Built for BlackBerry in a certain time frame.   Well, I didn’t get it submitted in time, because there is a big delay between getting your app submitted and getting it reviewed; then apparently there is a delay for getting Built for BlackBerry certified.  Because I rushed things, it didn’t work that great in version 1.0, which resulted in a couple of bad reviews.  My main problem was finding the time to work on the application, which is hard when you have a less than year old son and a pregnant wife.  Then life threw me another curve and I lost my job.  So, I have been working on fixing a couple of issues with the 1.0 release and adding new features.

One of the bugs 1.o had was that the UTC offset for the events was not correct.  I tried just adding the long value to the date to get the correct date and time, but that didn’t work.  The solution was simple and I guess if I had more time to look at things I would have noticed it the first time.  The fix is to use setUtcOffset .  D’uh.

QDateTime tmpEventStartDT = QDateTime::currentDateTime();

Another issue happened to due with how Meetup did repeating events.  Instead of using an Integer for each new event, repeating events have an alphanumeric value.  Because I was looking for an Integer, none of the repeating events were showing up after the first event.  I didn’t even notice this in version 1.0 and I finally noticed it after I made some clean up to the events list and noticed that not all the events were showing up.  It took a bit of effort to get that debug cleared.

The major flaw of the 1.0 version was that it didn’t show the Event or Group detail.  The reason I left it as a link was the lack of time in figuring out a way to show the event detail easily.  I haven’t messed with Sheets yet, but I ended up using Tabs to display the Event information, plus the RSVP and Photos list.  I did use a Sheet to show the final individual photo for an photo album.  But, with that there are still limitations.  I need to figure out how to zoom in on a photo.

The Information pages, photo albums and RSVP lists are all new features for 1.1, but they still need to be tweaked.  But, just as a fussy baby is rushing me on this post, hopefully I will get around to making more tweaks to what is available and add even more features.



I got the approval email for my update.  So, it took about 2 days to approve the changes.  Now I modified the description and screen shots, because I didn’t think I should do it before the change was updated.  Hopefully it takes less time to modify those things.  I didn’t realize that it wasn’t automatically updating things, so I mistakenly created 3 updates in an attempt to get the text and screen shot changes to save.  Oh well, lessons learned.

Adobe Edge and HTML5

Last night I downloaded Adobe Edge, which is Adobe’s tool for creating HTML5 basic animations.

Adobe® Edge is a new web motion and interaction design tool that allows designers to bring animated content to websites, using web standards like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.

Edge will be updated regularly to add new functionality, stay ahead of evolving web standards, and incorporate user feedback to provide the best functionality and experience possible. This is an early look at Edge with more capabilities to come.

The current capabilities are very limited.  You can added Text and boxes to a canvas, plus you can import images.  There is a timeline, similar to what is seen in Adobe Premiere and I guess now Adobe Flash.  I haven’t looked into Adobe Flash very much, but I have been using Premiere for my movie projects. In the timeline, you add key points and then you can alter the color, scale, skew, position, opacity and rotation. It is fairly simple to use.  When you click on the object you have added and make a change using the properties panel, it automatically enters a layer for the effect.  I added the effect I created to the Demo site, but it only ran once.  The “Preview in Browser” works fine, but copying the JavaScript links and files, plus adding the div tag seems to not work entirely.  I probably broke it when I added my site logo to the animation. Anyway, I’m not that overly impressed.  I see articles that HTML5 will be the end of Flash.  Apparently these authors know nothing of Flex and that’s probably Adobe’s fault for melding the names together.  Yes, Flash is a timeline based animation tool, but it does a little more than that.  Flex is an application tool that outputs to Flash.  I’m not sure if Flex can be displayed using HTML5.  Just like Java, CGI and Perl haven’t gone away, I don’t see Flash going away, even if a certain fruit company has a problem with it.

Regardless of my first attempts with Edge Beta 2, I will be trying to add HTML5 elements tot he Demo site, because it is the latest buzz word and well, I’ll let Larry Ellison explain it.

Download graphing

The BlackBerry PlayBook was officially launched on April 19th.  I wasn’t expecting too much from my little Meetup Search application, because I don’t consider it done.  The API wasn’t a full release yet and I sort of rushed to finish it in time for the free PlayBook giveaway.  Now that the API 1.0.1 version has been released, I will go back and clean up my application.  I am still waiting for my free PlayBook, which was supposed to arrive to developers “around the time the device is available in the area”, which was on the 19th.  Rumor has it, we’ll all get them today on the 22nd.

Like I said, I didn’t expect a ton of downloads on the first day, of course analysts didn’t expect 50,000 in sales and pre-orders either.  So, I am glad to see that some people downloaded my free application.  Currently there isn’t a way to get a feed from the download page, so I guess I’ll have to export the graph on a regular basis.

Welcome to the App World

Today I made my Meetup Search available on the BlackBerry App World.  It is really rough right now and I am very eager to try it out on the BlackBerry PlayBook.  And why do I say I am “eager”, well it is because I will be getting a free PlayBook!  After going through the struggles of trying to create an application and getting the software, I got my app in before the deadline and now it is signed and ready for download.  And because it was in before the deadline and accepted, I qualified for the free PlayBook offer.  Rumors has it, that they will be shipping tomorrow, which would be awesome!

Where do I go from here?  Well, I would like to clean up the Meetup Search:

  • Adjust item layouts and fonts to make sure they work well on the device
  • Add GPS location search option : get the GPS latitude and longitude location and use that instead of zip.  “Meetups near me”
  • Add City Upcoming Events : The City Meetup pages is a nice feature that shows upcoming events, this might be useful
  • Add Map of Meetups search option :  show a map and have Meetups pop up on the map based on search options

I will probably try to add as many search possibilities as possible from the Meetup API and try to keep it up to date.  After that, I need to get OAuth working and start developing the Meetup user and Organizer applications.  In the mean time, I still have a movie to finish editing.

Today is the day!

Well, today is the deadline for the Free BlackBerry Playbook offer.  This is the third and final deadline for getting applications submitted, and I hope that I can get mine in.  I’ve registered and sent identification information, so now I am waiting for a response back in order to actually upload my application to the App World. I have until midnight, so hopefully they’ll get the reply back to me and things will get done.

I have been trying to create an application since around Christmas.  I’ve had a few setbacks.  For one, I didn’t have a paid version of the development tool (Adobe Flex Builder), so I tried to make an application using he evaluation version.  Then BlackBerry updated their IDE for the PlayBook and things just crashed after that.  When the first deadline started approaching, I gave up trying to make a simple timer application and started working on a Meetup application to replace my initial Meetup Organizer Tool.   But, when I couldn’t get the OAuth to work with the PlayBook simulator, among other things, I decided to make a simpler search tool.  But, before I could finish working on that, my trial offer expired.  Luckily, my lovely wife took a course at Wake Technical College and we bought some Adobe software for the student price.  However, that still took some time to get and reload everything.

Finally, I have everything working and the deadline is close, so I finished up what I had and began the submission process.  Part of the submission process requires registration as a vendor.  Apparently this is something that should have been done much earlier, because it doesn’ t require an immediate upload, but it does require validation that you are a business or a real person.  So, last night I did the registration step 1 and today I got the first reply back asking for the verification, which I replied with immediately.   Now, I am waiting for the confirmation that I am now registered so I can upload the application.

To be honest, my search application is extremely basic, but I plan on updating it once I get the initial one uploaded to the App World.  I will also create a page for the application for the DeanLogic site as well.  After I get the Search Meetup application finished, then I’ll start working on the Organizer and Member Tools.  The good news is, Meetup is continually updating the API and adding new features, some of which are not available through the Meetup site.

Of course, work on these applications have to happen between married life and the movie making hobby.

Simple Countdown Timer

After creating the simple Egg Timer application, I made some changes to make it a little more flexible. The original Egg Timer was just a 1 or 2 minute timer that just showed the time elapsing. The new Countdown Timer does the same, but also adds 15 second and 10 second markers to the timer and allows for selection of different time periods.

I also made changes to a simple clock counter that I created. The original clock counter would count up from a specific time. I made a change to set it to count down or up. Adding the clock gives a better visual of how much time is left on the timer.

Get Adobe Flash player

Things that I want to do are, add a sound alert when the timer is finished and possibly when the time hits the Yellow and Red markers. I would also like to add some sort of dial or knob to control the amount of time to count down. There should also be a control to determine the Yellow and Red time markers.

Grid Line Repeater

Grid Line Repeater

My first little example. I decided that I might need a grid background in my application. This is strictly for looks and doesn’t have any real functionality. However, I did set it up so that it might be used behind a chart. The number of lines, size of the grid, and spacing of the lines can be adjusted. Also, the grid can be longer than wider, wider than longer, or a perfect square.
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The Meetup Organizer Tool

Meetup is a website that provides a tool for groups to organize community events.

“Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups. Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. More than 2,000 groups get together in local communities each day, each one with the goal of improving themselves or their communities.” – About Meetup

Meetup Organizer ToolI have been a member of Meetup since 2005 and have been running a The Raleigh-Durham Singles Meetup since 2006. From the beginning of being an Organizer, I have suggested many enhancements to Meetup and they have implemented a lot of them. However, as each group on Meetup is different, each Organizer runs their group differently and needs different tools to help run the group. Meetup started working on an API in 2008 to provide tech savvy Organizers a method of getting information from Meetup and creating tools that would help people use Meetup outside of the website. This is the tool that I created focused on my needs as an Organizer. I am hoping that other Organizers will find it useful and I plan to add more functionality as Meetup ads more functionality to the Meetup API.

  • Getting Started
  • Tool Functions
    • Groups – listing of user’s groups and basic group information
    • Members – listing and downloading of group members and mapping of member locations
    • Events – listing of group events, mapping of group events, event details, event rsvps, and PDF version of RSVP list
  • FAQs
  • Credits

If you are testing this for me, click here.
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