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by DeanLogic

There was a question on the Flex Forum about how to auto-scroll a TextArea. You can set the VerticalScrollPolicy to auto or you can add a little code to valueCommit to move the vertical scroller. Since I lost where I created the example of adding the code to the valueCommit, I decide to remake the example to show the difference. Both text areas are updated every 10 seconds with a random generated sentence, based off of quotes from Mark Twain.

The left TextArea box uses the VerticalScrollPolicy set to “auto”

<s:TextArea id="tmpTxtArea1" width="98%" height="98%" verticalScrollPolicy="auto" />

The right TextArea box uses the valueCommit code to move the verticalScrollBar

<s:TextArea id="tmpTxtArea2" width="98%" height="98%" 
   valueCommit="tmpTxtArea2.scroller.verticalScrollBar.value = tmpTxtArea2.scroller.verticalScrollBar.maximum"  />

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While the right box doesn't move the TextArea scroll bar 100%, it does move it.

The current issues I need to update with this example is a better random sentence generator and fix the regular expression that is supposed to remove the commas and periods before creating the word array. That's probably some sort of project I can do later, so the sentences created are a little bit off, since I don't remember how I did it in the previous example and the site I got the code idea from is no longer available.

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