Where Did the Sleep Button Go?

Has Technology Forgotten Basic Functionality? Back when I was a young child, I built my first crystal radio. I remember being up in my room, that I shared with my two brothers, and listening to the broadcast from WGN in Chicago. It was amazing that I could listen to a radio station from another state with what amounted to just a few pieces of wires and electronic bits. When I got older and only had to share a room with one brother, the parents got all of us our own little radios. I believe the basic functions were AM/FM, tape, Continue reading Where Did the Sleep Button Go?

Simple WordPress to STEEMit Test

Testing the schedule feature of the WordPress with STEEMit. In my last post, I did change the publish time, so that might be the reason it published when I wasn’t expecting it to be published. This time I am setting the publish time to 14:30 and will leave it. Currently it is 12:54, so it will be over an hour before I expect this post to be published. If the publish feature doesn’t work, then there are still benefits of using WordPress over STEEMit to draft my Articles. The first benefit is that the article will be published on both Continue reading Simple WordPress to STEEMit Test

WordPressing to Steemit

One of the issues with publishing content is getting your content on all the platforms that you want to see it appear. In most cases, you can publish a post and have it automatically publish to Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media site you have connected to your blog. This allows for maximum exposure with less effort. Right now, STEEMit only has the ability to share to Twitter and Facebook, which is probably the best way you want the flow to go. STEEMit is more of a social media platform than a blog. The reason I say that it, because Continue reading WordPressing to Steemit

Listing Marked Documents from Multiple Document Libraries – Part 2

In Part 1, I retrieved a list of Document Library lists that contained files and started building the display. Now, I need to get the marked documents and display them for each Document Library. Since I created the array libraryList as part of the first steps, I can now loop through this list and get each set of files. Now, make sure that you set the REST API “async” option to false, because you don’t want things to happen out of sequence and end up with nothing displayed. The call to each of the Document Library lists will have a Continue reading Listing Marked Documents from Multiple Document Libraries – Part 2

Listing Marked Documents from Multiple Document Libraries – Part 1

I had a small project at work to list marked documents a SharePoint site Page. The documents would be part of a Document Library and they are marked using a choice option, which means they need to be grouped by each of the options in the list. And, to top things off, there are multiple Document Library lists. And, to make things harder, the choice field has a different name in each of the Document Library list. At first, I thought this might be a hard little project, but it turned out easier to do than expected. I am using Continue reading Listing Marked Documents from Multiple Document Libraries – Part 1

Meetup for BlackBerry 4.2.8 and 4.2.9

I ended up releasing two quick fixes for different bugs. The firs release, 4.2.8, was to fix a simple issue with authentication to the Meetup.com website for the application. A while ago, Meetup changed their API to use a different method for making calls. With this update, they changed the URLs for the calls, which actually made things easier. I had gone through and updated all the URLs for my app at some point and basically forgot about it. I’m guessing that those old URLs were finally deprecated and that shut off the application authentication call that I was pointing Continue reading Meetup for BlackBerry 4.2.8 and 4.2.9