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Tags: mixed tape, mp3
Requires at least: 2.7.1
Tested up to: 2.7.1
Stable tag / Version: 1.1.0
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This a plugin that will take shortcode for track listings and make a “Mixed Tape” by turning the mp3 file links into music players and creating a play list of the tracks. The play list is a second shortcode that can be placed anywhere in the post. The play list can also show the tracks as a single album by changing the type. This will only show one link to the artist name added to the play list. The play list icon can be changed to show the mixed tape, cd, cd box, head phones or any image. The image should be small enough to fit inside the play list.

There are no admin options for the plugin.

Usage information can be found below.

The plugin uses 1PixelOut‘s standalone WordPress MP3 player, but should not conflict with other plugins using the player.

The plugin creates a search link to MusicBrainz music database for the artist of the track.


  1. Upload `wp-mixedtape` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Adding tracks

[ track title="{track title}" artist="{track artist}" url="{track url}" alt="{alt text}" ]

  • track title is the title for the song. This does not change what is displayed in the mp3 player as the title information is taken from the mp3 file.
  • track artist is the artist for the song. This does not change what is displayed in the mp3 player as the title information is taken from the mp3 file.
  • track url is the full url for the song.
  • alt text is the alternate text shown if the player is not displayed. If left empty, it will show the track title.

Adding the mixed tape play list

[ mixedtape title="{mixed tape title}" style="{override styles}" class="{override class}" type="{play list type}" icon="{override icon}" cover="{image url}" artist="{single album artist name}" ]

  • mixed tape title is the title for the mixed tape to be shown at the top of the play list
  • override styles is any extra style attributes to add to the overall play list
  • override class is class name given to override play list for class style
    The style class should be part of the div classes. (ie. div.myMixTapeClass )
  • play list type is the type of play list either MIXEDTAPE or SINGLEALBUM. MIXEDTAPE is the default and will list each artist with the song.
  • override icon is the option to change the icon, choices are TAPE, CD, CDBOX, HEADPHONES.
  • image url is the url for a custom image to override the icon, ALBUMCOVER must be used as the icon value.
  • single album artist name is the name of the artist for the SINGLEALBUM type. It is ingored on the MIXEDTAPE or default type.

Things to do

  • Playing one player shuts off the other one. This was fine with version 1 of the payer, but version 2 doesn’t seem to work.
  • Code clean up – just need to make sure everything is in it’s proper place and such
  • Language translation – not many words in the plugin, so hopefully this won’t take too much time

Change Log

Version 1.1.1

  • Didn’t have the SVN directory properly setup. The audio files were missing.

Version 1.1.0

  • Added the ability to change play list `type` (MIXEDTAPE, SINGLEABLUM)
  • Single album type allows for `artist` value to be added to play list, ignored for mixed tape type
  • Added the ability to change the play list `icon` (TAPE, CD, CDCASE, HEADPHONES, ALBUMCOVER)
  • Added the ability to add change the icon to an defined url image with the `cover` option

Version 1.0.0

  • Inital release.

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