FireFox Weather Alert System

by DeanLogic

This is a test of the weather alert system.  This is only a test.  If
this had been a real emergency, you should have run to nearest bath
room, got on your knees, bent over and kissed your butt goodbye.

Okay, The FireFox weather extension
( called Forecastfox
doesn’t do that, but it is pretty cool.  They added a couple of new
features in the latest release (0.7.8).  On feature is a radar view of
the region.  Since I live in the South East portion of the U.S., that’s
the view I see based on my zip code.  The popup/mouse over is only
about 2″ x 2″, but you can click on it and it takes you to so you can see a larger version of the radar map and
drill down to the RDU airport radar scan.  This was very helpful
yesterday when the skies opened up and started flooding the area.  The
other new option is a “Severe Weather” alert icon.  This appeared this
morning on the tool bar were I have Forecastfox displayed.  I find this
little icon to be helpful, since I don’t get NOAA weather alerts
through my PC internet radio connection.

If you haven’t installed FireFox yet, extensions like Forecastfox are a
great reason to do so.  The tabbed browsing was one of the things that
keeps me away from IE.  The constant popups and possible Trojan horses
from IE is the main reason I stay away from it.  With the continued
improvements to the browser and it’s extensions, I see no reason to
ever go back to IE.

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