BB10 Cascades Minimum Template

While getting to learn BB10 Cascades and Native, one of the most annoying issue is trying to figure out where to start with the project. When you create a new BlackBerry Project using QNX Momentics IDE, you can select from either Native or Cascades. From there, you can select different levels of templates. For the Cascades templates, you can either choose Standard empty project, List View, Tabbed Pane or Navigation Pane. This would be fine if you were going to do everything needed just in Cascades. But, (I’m new to this, so I could be wrong), if you want to Continue reading BB10 Cascades Minimum Template

Adding pages to NavigationPane as an object

As part of creating the Marketing application for work, I had to use a NavigationPane in Cascades.  The idea behind the NavigationPane is to stack Pages on top of Pages in order to navigate forward and backward through the pages.  In the application I am building, there are a bunch of questions and a comment section for the user to answer.  Each of the question pages uses a ListView to display a list of choices based on an xml page. This was pretty straight forward when using the StandardListItem as the component. I had to make sure that the title Continue reading Adding pages to NavigationPane as an object