Time for some practice

While I was at work pondering what other better careers there might be out there, I decided that I probably should make sure my skills are up-to-date.  Since I am limited to what software I have installed on my home PC, I will be brushing up on those skills and learn some new ones in the process.  The best way for me to learn something is to actually have something to do, instead of just reading through a book and trying to absorb it.  I’ve absorbed plenty of useless facts by reading, but that doesn’t beat actually putting to work Continue reading Time for some practice

Google Docs in Flex frustration

I enjoy using Google Docs.  I have to admit, it is a very easy way to share information between people and to do on-line collaboration.  I have used documents to brainstorm ideas and create outlines in real time on-line.  Recently I created a form that stores the information submitted into a spreadsheet.  Unfortunately,  the spreadsheet is a little hard to read with the responses are very long and there are multiple long responses.  The provided “summary” view for the spreadsheet doesn’t help, because it just displays all the answers together.  This would be great for a survey, but not for Continue reading Google Docs in Flex frustration