PlayBook and Meetup Search so far

I have 1 review from my Meetup Search application for the PlayBook and it points out that Canadian zip codes don’t work 🙁 , so I need to get the search features updated.  I have made some updates, but haven’t uploaded the changes yet, since I wanted to test the changes directly on the PlayBook, which I received last Thursday.  Hopefully I’ll get the search updates soon and improve my ratings on the App World. I spent the weekend traveling and the PlayBook came in handy while waiting in airports and flying in the plane.  I was able to connect Continue reading PlayBook and Meetup Search so far

Download graphing

The BlackBerry PlayBook was officially launched on April 19th.  I wasn’t expecting too much from my little Meetup Search application, because I don’t consider it done.  The API wasn’t a full release yet and I sort of rushed to finish it in time for the free PlayBook giveaway.  Now that the API 1.0.1 version has been released, I will go back and clean up my application.  I am still waiting for my free PlayBook, which was supposed to arrive to developers “around the time the device is available in the area”, which was on the 19th.  Rumor has it, we’ll Continue reading Download graphing

Welcome to the App World

Today I made my Meetup Search available on the BlackBerry App World.  It is really rough right now and I am very eager to try it out on the BlackBerry PlayBook.  And why do I say I am “eager”, well it is because I will be getting a free PlayBook!  After going through the struggles of trying to create an application and getting the software, I got my app in before the deadline and now it is signed and ready for download.  And because it was in before the deadline and accepted, I qualified for the free PlayBook offer.  Rumors Continue reading Welcome to the App World