Orientation change with MXML

I have been banging my head on the wall trying to figure out how to detect the device orientation on the BlackBerry PlayBook.  I initially tried to use the accelerometer function.  Unfortunately, the listener would continue to activate and determining the exact orientation was a little iffy.  So, a slight move of the device would set off the listener and the redrawing of the screen would keep going until the accelerometer stopped.  This was not a good way to test for orientation, it will be a great way to make a game that required moving the PlayBook around a lot.  Continue reading Orientation change with MXML

mx and qnx happliy playing together

I’m in the processing of updating the Meetup Search application for the BlackBerry PlayBook.  Last night I was busy trying to rearrange the search form options and realized that the mx:UIComponent was not returning width or height back in order to determine where to place the next component.  The qnx library used for the PlayBook require that an application be either completely in AS3 or use the mx:UIComponent to add the qnx fields; button, textinput, toggle switch, etc…   When developing the Meetup Search, I figured that using the mx tags, it would be easier to control the layout and possibly Continue reading mx and qnx happliy playing together

PlayBook and Meetup Search so far

I have 1 review from my Meetup Search application for the PlayBook and it points out that Canadian zip codes don’t work 🙁 , so I need to get the search features updated.  I have made some updates, but haven’t uploaded the changes yet, since I wanted to test the changes directly on the PlayBook, which I received last Thursday.  Hopefully I’ll get the search updates soon and improve my ratings on the App World. I spent the weekend traveling and the PlayBook came in handy while waiting in airports and flying in the plane.  I was able to connect Continue reading PlayBook and Meetup Search so far

A message from PlayBook

Last night I received my free BlackBerry PlayBook.  I immediately downloaded the updates and began to familiarize myself with it.  The first thing I need to get used to is using my finger pad instead of my nails. Touch response is different than with my phone.  But, I am getting used to it.  After a little trail and error, I have figured out how to load music, photos and files from my desktop.  I have loaded a few free apps to help with the flight layovers I’ll have this weekend.  Later, I think I will give more of a review. Continue reading A message from PlayBook